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As our community deals with the current crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Brevard Zoo remains dedicated to the health and wellness of the animals in our care, to our exceptional employees, and to continuing our local conservation initiatives like rehabilitating sea turtles and lagoon restoration.

The Zoo’s closure has had a significant impact on our finances. In response to your kindness and concern, we created a WISH LIST below that identifies many of the things we could use right now to lessen financial challenges and enable everyone to know the precise role you are playing in supporting your treasured Zoo. We thank you for all the wishes granted already! We update these often so check back and fish a new wish. Everyone can make a difference!

Goofy bird painting wish listSupplementing the Senses

Keepers work to provide novel sensory experiences for our animals. We can use items like mirrors, bubble machines, bells, mirrored balls, light projectors, brushes and more to change their environments.

Share the Cost by Contributing $5 | Total Shares: 30

salad diet wish listCommissary Cooking

We prepare food for our animals with the upmost care and diligence to ensure everyone is happy and healthy. Having two digital food scales allows us to always accurately feed all of the animals in our care (and make sure their diets stay on point)!

Share the Cost by Contributing $20 | Total Shares: 17

Stingray wish listWe Can See Clearly Now, the Algae’s Gone!

No one likes to look through an algae covered tank! There’s a lot of glass to clean to ensure our animals have the best habitats and our guests have the best view! This powerful buffer would make cleaning algae a breeze for our keepers who regularly scrub the glass clean.

Share the Cost by Contributing $20 | Total Shares: 100

Beach mouse canvas wish listFruity Fun

Watch out, Picasso! Did you know that beach mice are artists, too? When we put fruit juice and a blank canvas in their habitat, they love to explore and investigate, leaving behind a canvas of tiny fruit-colored mouse footprints. This work of art then is used as a source of income to support this important conservation program.

Canvas: $7 | Wish for 10

Zoo Storytellers

Every day, our marketing and communications department brings you stunning, adorable photos and videos of our amazing animals through social media while providing a window into our behind-the-scenes conservation and education programs. We are in constant need of specialty cameras and memory cards to replace broken or obsolete equipment. Help us to continue sharing our stories with you!

Share the Cost by Contributing $15 | Total Shares: 100

tablet wish listTablets for Tracking

We use iPads to collect data on our animal residents to track important information about their actions and behaviors. The data is used to make animal care decisions based on our evidence and rooted in science. We can generate activity budgets that we compare to each animal’s species to determine if their behavior patterns are as expected. We have more than 900 animals at the Zoo, and only one iPad. Additional iPads would make collecting behavior data more efficient and effective for us.

Share the Cost by Contributing $40 | Total Shares: 25

building rainforest wish listEmpowering the Team

Plug it in, plug it in! Regular habitat maintenance for our animals helps them thrive! This means keepers are often building and replacing habitat furniture. We go through lots of saw blades, sawzalls, drills, drill bits and other power tools that need to be regularly replaced.

Share the Cost of Contributing $10 | Total Shares: 30

Cool Aid

Sprinklers, fountains and freezable items help keep Florida heatwaves manageable. Our animals like to stay cool in many different ways like lounging underneath sprinklers, bathing in water fountains or leaning against ice packs .

Share the Cost of Contributing $12 | Total Shares: 10

strawhat wish listUV Rays for Days

Shade, please! The sun is strong in Florida, and the Restore Our Shores team is outside in it daily. Straw hats provide excellent sun protection for their long, hot days in the sun, making their important work much more comfortable to carry out.

Share the Cost by Contributing $18 | Total Shares: 10

Aquatic animal wish listAquatic Animal Activities 

Our aquatic animals—fish, stingrays and invertebrates—would greatly benefit from having more enrichment items in their habitat. Air bubblers and more plants would be great additions to help these underwater forage feeders thrive!

Share the Cost by Contributing $10 | Total Shares: 50

Zebra and Giraffe Pretty Pedis 

In Florida, it’s always flip-flop season, so we understand why our animals deserve to have healthy, happy feet, too! We have an amazing voluntary hoof trim training program where our zebras and giraffe are trained to put their hooves on a block for trimming. Having quality tools like rasps and specialty hoof knives on hand is very important!

Share the Cost by Contributing $25 | Total Shares: 20

Freezing Floridians

Brrr! Our dedicated Restore Our Shores team can get quite chilly in the field! This important work continues year-round, so our team is in the water even when the weather gets cold.  Wetsuits provide us with the ability to continue this important work when it would otherwise be too cold to work safely.

Share the Cost by Contributing $25 | Total Shares: 36


Restore our shores snorkel wish listWater Wear

For the Restore Our Shores team to be able to conduct site evaluations, build reefs and conduct monitoring events of living shorelines, it is necessary for them to have protective gear like booties, masks and snorkels. These items provide them with the ability to keep working in the lagoon each day.

Booties: Share the Cost by Contributing $15 | Total Shares: 21
Snorkels: Share the Cost by Contributing $13 | Total Shares: 20
Masks: Share the Cost by Contributing $12 | Total Shares: 25

sample of the reusable table settingSaving Our Environment!

Did you know we produce an average of 4.4 pounds of trash a day that sadly ends up in the landfill? Happily, your Zoo has a plan to help everyone reduce their use of disposables. With the Sustainable Settings Service Program, we will loan you settings for your event or gathering that consist of plates, cups and utensils! These place settings for 12 only require a refundable $50 deposit, and you can borrow what you need! With such a genius program, we need more settings so everyone can share in this great sustainable solution!

Share the Cost by Contributing $25 | Total Shares: 30

Wicking for Workers

The Restore Our Shores team often works in wet and dirty conditions, so it is necessary that they are safe in the field and wear shirts with moisture wicking.

Shirts with Moisture Wicking: $20 | Wish for 20

Concrete for Conservation

The conservation department recently moved offices and needs an outdoor area to clean equipment and dry supplies. This outdoor drying station on a concrete slab will meet our needs for years to come!

Share the Cost by Contributing $30 | Total Shares: 50

Probing the Depths

For an in-depth look at the water in the lagoon, a YSI with probes will do the trick! This device allows us to assess a variety of water quality factors and will be used during site selections, monitoring events and oyster gardening site visits.

Share the Cost by Contributing $50 | Total Shares: 70

Mangroves-e1587740727409Restoring Our Shores With Mangroves

Mangroves are under pressure throughout the world. Development, pollution, oil spills and over-harvesting contribute to the decline of mangrove habitats. As the frequency and severity of storms increase due to climate change, local populations suffer, taking several years to recover. The mangroves in our Indian River Lagoon are not exempt from these threats, but our Restore Our Shores team is working to bring these trees back. Help us build healthy populations of mangroves, restoring a sustainable ecosystem for aquatic and coastal animals.

Large Red Mangrove: $45 | Wish for 25

Turtle-y Territory

 As the need for our sea turtle rehabilitation services has grown, so, too, has our Sea Turtle Healing Center. With our current expansion, we need to move and reset our fence. With your help, we can help keep these sea friends safe.

Share the Cost by Contributing $50 | Total Shares: 40

king vulture wish listFeathered Friend Fun 

Our birds, including our parrots, hawks and vultures, love to tear things apart (and create a huge mess). So we give them paper products to play with and shred. We need to replenish our shreddable stash so keepers can keep our feathered friends happy.

Share the Cost by Contributing $5 | Total Shares: 20+

Beach mice sand tunnel wish listPerdido Key Beach Mice Funnel

Our peanut-sized beach mice are quite active. In their natural habitat, they dig tunnels in the sand dunes and these tubes allow us to mimic those tunnels and give them more areas to run around and explore.


Beach mouse hose and nozzzle wish listTidal Time

A new hose and nozzle allows us to wet the sand in the beach mice tanks, to periodically represent the tidal fluctuations our furry little friends encounter in their dunes.


Sand for beach mice wish listSandy Paws

Known as the “keepers of the dunes,” our beach mice dig and live in the sandy dunes. We like to recreate their natural habitat by giving them sand to represent the natural substrate they would encounter in nature.


beach mouse wish listSerene Sounds

A sound machine allows us to keep the Perdido Key beach mice habitat as natural as possible, allowing us to mimic the sounds of the ocean that they would hear as well as help block out human noises.


alpaca wish listTaking It Slow with Our Alpacas

Keepers like to mix up the type of bowl they use to feed these fast eaters. By using slow feeder bowls with different patterns and ridges, we encourage them to spend more time enjoying the finer things in life, like savoring their grain.



Siamang wish listSiamang Sandie Deli 

What is a Sandie Deli, you may ask? It’s a large hanging device made of heavy-duty plastic with 1 ½” diameter holes all over. Keepers can hide treats inside or stuff it with browse to encourage foraging and exploration. We’d love to provide some extra challenges for Pete and Sapphire.




Rope wish listCutting the Cord

Many of the Restore Our Shores projects involve rope, but our inexpensive rope cutting tools can’t meet our demands. We are hoping to provide our team with a higher-end product that will last us more than one season.


Cheyenne ball wish listHanging Out with Cheyenne

Any climbing animal would enjoy this lipped ring toy! Hanging toys are always popular with our animals; they can sway, spin and swing all day. These also provide a sanctuary area or have food hidden inside to encourage exploring and foraging.


gray fox wish listFoxy Feeders 

Encouraging our animals to perform their natural behaviors, like how they hunt for and find their food, is so important. We do this by using a variety of interactive feeders. With these devices, our foxes are able to be fed overnight to encourage behaviors like hunting and foraging for their food when they are most active.


Refractometer wish listReef Refractometers

Refractometers are used during our site evaluations to assess salinity throughout the lagoon. This important measurement lets us know what areas are most suitable for constructing oyster reefs.


Leaping Lemurs

Installing a PVC climber would provide perches for lemurs to sit on that would also allow them to sway in the wind. It would be a fun new addition to their habitat and a joy for all to see!


air purifier wish listHelping Our Humans

The new office space for the conservation department needs air cleaning equipment.  Washable, reusable air filters align with our sustainability values, while the air purifier will help us ‘clean up’ some specific areas of air contamination.


Petting zone goat wish listPutting Away the Petting Zone Toys 

Staying clean and organized is a must when working with animals. Our Petting Zone is in need of more storage containers for their animal supplies to keep their barn clutter-free—both for the humans and the animals!


A Tale of Two Otters—Lights, Camera, Action!

When our two “star” residents of Rainforest Revealed arrived last year, we could not have imagined their exceptional friendliness, charisma and comedic talents would have engaged a legion of raving fans. We need three cameras installed in strategic locations in their habitats so we can monitor them 24/7 as they acclimate to their “new normal” and navigate back and forth. These cameras enable us to provide camera footage to you, too!


Warmer Wanderers

Our ambassador reptiles have an important job of inspiring and educating out in our community. With these microwavable heating pads, we can keep these wanderers warm while they are on the road.


Sea turtle wish listSea Turtle “Shelfie”

Our sea turtle volunteer team generously donated funds to purchase a storage shed. The shed has arrived, and we need to build and install custom shelves to store our equipment.


Hospital Readiness

Our L3Harris Animal Care Center is always ready to provide optimum care to our animals. Just like any hospital, we are stocked to meet the needs of our collection and need to make sure our medications have storage space that is organized and designed for easy use.


Food, Glorious Food!

For many of our animals, foraging for food and treats is their most engaging and pleasurable pastime. Cheyenne, our Florida black bear, and Meru, our adult male babirusa, hunt for food all day as a natural way to explore, exercise and experience success when they find a favorite treat. We want to use innovative and efficient ways to satisfy this behavior by installing “timed belt feeders” and “scatter feeders” in various habitats to encourage foraging.



Cavy wish listCavy Cuteness!

If you’ve visited our adorable Patagonian cavies in the Paws On Petting Zone, you know these “bunny rabbit” lookalikes are completely captivating. Timothy grass sticks made from hay are the perfect reinforcement for our cavies! It’s a special treat they don’t get all the time, which makes it even more exciting!


Three zebras wish listZebra Playtime

Our zebras love roaming their habitat. The perfect toy for an exciting playtime is a ball that rattles when it is picked up and shaken. The handle on this ungulate rattle ball is easy for them to grab with their teeth, thereby letting them create their own playtime “game.”


guinea fowl wish listFowl Play 

Our guinea fowl love to play! To stimulate their natural behavior of jumping, pecking and pulling to get their greens, keepers need baskets and balls (specially designed to hold their lettuce) that help us encourage this behavior.


Keeper riding a bike wish listKeepers On the Move!

Our wonderful keepers are traversing the Zoo throughout the day as they keep our beloved animals healthy and thriving. Vehicles and golf carts can’t access many of these areas. A great need is sturdy bicycles.


Chilly Treats

We would like the ability to feed our sea turtles patients algae (a natural Atlantic green sea turtle food source) that is grown at the Sea Turtle Healing Center. The algae we would grow needs a lot of sunshine, but without a chiller, the pool will get WAY too hot to successfully grow anything.


spider monkey wish listSweet Dreams!

Nothing makes a comfier, cozier bed for bears, primates and our ambassador animals than shredded pieces of willow, known as Wood Wool. The natural behavior of these animals is to gather this type of material and make it into a perfect place for snoozing and dreaming.


Zebra target training“Practicing” Healthy Behaviors!

How do our animals stay so healthy, happy and thriving? Our keepers teach them to voluntarily participate in their own wellness regimen through target training. Target training equipment is constantly used, which requires regular replacement due to wear and tear.  


Camels, Impala and Oryx, Oh My!

These fabulous animals love the simple pleasures of life! They are dazzled and entertained by the many uses of a large plastic box.  They can stand on it, push it around and rub their bodies against it. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is only limited by the imaginations of our keepers and these awesome animals!


Capybara wish listCapybara Enrichment

Our wonderful capybaras are living the dream in their beautiful new habitat in Rainforest Revealed. They love to forage, and we want that experience to be as close as possible as it would be in their natural range. This can be accomplished with devices designed to prolong foraging time.


Zebra wish listZebra “Pearly Whites”

We all know that dental health is absolutely essential to overall health. So what could be more important than providing our awesome zebras with some specialized dental equipment?


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