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As our community deals with the crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain dedicated to the health and wellness of the animals in our care, to our employees and volunteers, and to continuing our local conservation initiatives like rehabilitating sea turtles and lagoon restoration.

In response to your kindness and concern regarding our ongoing financial challenges, we created a wish list that identifies many of the things we could use right now to continue our mission. Thank you to the hundreds of supporters that already granted some of our wishes! We update this list often, so check back for new additions.

Jaguar playing

Spice It Up!

A little-known fact about Mulac, our powerful and compelling male jaguar, is that he loves sniffing (and sometimes rolling in) spices! His keepers will sprinkle oregano, basil and pepper in his habitat for him to discover throughout the day.

Spice Packet: $5 | Wish for 50

Slow and Steady

Our four sloths are fed a steady supply of lettuce, sweet potato and other produce so fresh that it’s often of a higher quality than what you would find at the grocery store! These grade-A fruits and veggies are served alongside hardboiled eggs and specialized zoological pellets for a balanced diet that meets the sloths’ unique nutritional needs.

Share the Cost by Contributing $10 | Wish for 100

iPad Pro on stand for virtual camps

Virtual Connections

Our nationally recognized education programs are going virtual! With your help, we can continue sharing the wonders of nature through positive, memorable experiences. An iPad Pro and production studio kit will allow us to produce and livestream quality virtual programs, including Lagoon Quest and Zoo School.

A background kit will reduce glare in videos, improving the quality of educational livestreams both in the “studio” and on location, and creating a more immersive experience.

BUY PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT (Share the Cost by Contributing $25 | Total Shares: 120)
BUY BACKGROUND KIT (Share the Cost by Contributing $10 | Total Shares: 25)

Cheyenne with enrichment

Foraging for Fun

When given the choice, some animals prefer to “earn” their food rather than eat a “free” meal. This can be accomplished with enrichment devices designed to prolong foraging time. Keepers will stuff these feeders with fresh fruits and vegetables and encourage our residents to work for their next snack. Everyone from alpacas to zebras will benefit!

Share the Cost by Contributing $15 | Total Shares: 100

Banana tree

Growing a Garden

Imagine a beautiful garden in Rainforest Revealed full of plants just for the animals to eat! We may grow yummy treats like bananas, pears, hibiscus flowers, bamboo, sugarcane, rosemary and mint.

Share the Cost by Contributing $10 | Total Shares: 20

Sea turtle hatchlings

Sea Turtle “Home Away from Home”

We are now in “washback season,” and our Sea Turtle Healing Center is busier than ever treating sick and injured sea turtles. Their care is often long-term (measured in months) as the goal is to rehabilitate them back to health for eventual release back to their ocean home. While they are at the Healing Center, our incredible and dedicated staff makes sure their every need is satisfied as they heal in their “home away from home.” To make this possible, the needs are great… which is why our sea turtle caretakers wish for these items.

BUY DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS (Share the Cost by Contributing $20 | Total Shares: 70)
BUY SALT FOR POOLS (Share the Cost by Contributing $10 | Total Shares: 30)
BUY MEDICATION (Share the Cost by Contributing $15 | Total Shares: 20)

Person drilling

Empowering the Team

We often build, move and replace habitat “furniture” to maintain a safe, enriching environment for the animals. That means we go through lots of saws, drills and other power tools that need to be regularly replaced.

Share the Cost by Contributing $5 | Total Shares: 40

Weight Watchers

From the tiniest sparrow from the mightiest giraffe, virtually every Zoo animal is regularly weighed as part of our commitment to their wellness. In fact, many of of them are trained to walk onto the scale and stand still in exchange for a food reward! Help us replace aging and broken equipment with new, industrial-grade scales.

Share the Cost by Contributing $20 | Total Shares: 25

Goofy bird painting wish listSupplementing the Senses

Keepers work to provide novel sensory experiences for our animals. We can use items like mirrors, bubble machines, bells, mirrored balls, light projectors, brushes and more to change their environments.

Share the Cost by Contributing $5 | Total Shares: 30

Bear Necessities—A Sticky Situation

Bears Brody and Cheyenne love nothing more than exploring their home for delicious treats placed high and low. Keepers love rubbing sticky spreads made of honey and peanut butter for the bears to discover in all sorts of fun hiding places. What better way to keep this darling duo healthy, happy and thriving?

Share the Cost by Contributing $15 | Total Shares: 30

Healing Helpers

A pulse oximeter allows our veterinary staff to monitor animals’ oxygen levels during procedures that require anesthesia. A lactate testing kit helps us with diagnoses and prognoses.

Share the Cost by Contributing $25 | Total Shares: 44

Granted Wishes

Aquatic Animal Enrichment • Hay Play Feeder • Reptile Bulbs • Lipped Ring Toy • Bear Treats • Beehive Tools • Honey-Processing Tools • Capybara Forager • Food Scales • Sprinklers • Ice Packs • Beach Mouse House • Timed Belt Feeders • Scatter Feeders • Lettuce Baskets • Fox Feeders • Giant Bear Plush • Goat Platforms • Rodent Wheels • Hoof-Trimming Equipment • Hornbill Foraging Tube • IV Fluid Pump • Spices • Monitor Habitat • Kangaroo Enrichment • Bicycles for Staff • Lemur Swings • Macaw Toys • Storage Cart • Nose-Its • Otter Surveillance Cameras • Pinniped Feeder • Kong Wobblers • Mouse Canvases • Mouse Funnels • Hose and Nozzle • Play Sand • Sound Machine • DVD Players • Toys for Brody • Heating Pads • Rhino Feeder Drum • Air Filters • Air Purifier • Booties • Straw Hats • SCUBA Masks • Snorkels • Refractometer • Wetsuits • Algae Chiller • Water Filters • Salt for Sea Turtles • Shelving for Sea Turtle Healing Center • Sea Turtle Food • Tablets • Sandie Deli • Sloth Foraging Tube • Slow Feeder Bowls • Spider Monkey Puzzle Feeders • Target Training Equipment • Cavy Treats • Plastic Enrichment Box • Wood Wool Bedding • Dental Equipment for Zebras • Ungulate Rattle Ball • Giraffe Feeders • Paper for Parrots • Sea Turtle Healing Center Perimeter Fence • Ambassador Animal “Furniture” • Trail Cameras • Rope Cutter • Camera Equipment • Concrete • Moisture-Wicking Shirts • Sustainable Settings • J-Moody for Dingos • Hay Mangers • Jaguar Toy • Mangroves • Glass Buffer • Water Quality Probe • Sunning Habitat


  • goat platform

    Violet the goat explores a new platform that gives her a bird's-eye view of the Paws On Petting Zone.

  • giant otter cameras

    A Zoo curator keeps an eye on the giant otter habitat thanks to a new camera system that allows us to monitor these animals from afar.

  • macaw toy

    A blue-and-yellow macaw climbs down a new toy that will help satisfy his natural chewing instincts.

  • beach mouse sand

    Zoo staff pour a bag of sand into a Perdido Key beach mouse tank. The tanks are designed to mimic the endangered mice's natural habitat and encourage breeding.

  • slow feeder

    Clarabelle the goat enjoys a meal out of a new slow feeder.

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