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coral snake
Cold-Blooded Weekend

AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 2, 2018 | 10 am – 3 pm

Join us for a celebration of the scaly, slimy and spineless! Featuring live animal displays, fascinating presentations, interactive keeper chats, games, crafts and much more, Cold-Blooded Weekend is not to be missed. All activities included with general Zoo admission.

Snakes provide valuable “pest control” wherever they’re found. View native snakes (including a few venomous species) from Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens and hear from the experts about these often-misunderstood reptiles.

Scared of spiders? You’re not alone! Dr. Fiona Cross grew up “terrified” of the arachnids, but slowly overcame her phobia as she learned more about these fascinating creatures. Now known as Doctor Spider, she’s dedicated her career to uncovering the secrets of jumping spider cognition. Learn about her research and develop a newfound appreciation for our eight-legged friends!

As if that weren’t enough, you can also peek into a beehive and purchase local honey from Brevard Backyard Beekeepers; meet representatives from the Sea Turtle Healing Center and Restore Our Shores; and sample real insects at the Bug Buffet!

Schedule coming soon.