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A photo of Rafiki the giraffe

Rafiki’s New Shoes

Our 25-year-old giraffe Rafiki is experiencing some health issues. We’re hopeful that our innovative care will help him continue to age comfortably with us.

Green sea turtle spicy Hawaiian gets chiropractic care.

Offering Chiropractic Care to Our Sea Turtle Patients

One of our Sea Turtle Healing Center patients, Spicy Hawaiian the juvenile green sea turtle, has been receiving this treatment!

A keeper feeds a giraffe a cracker.

Applying for AZA Re-Accreditation

We’re applying for re-accreditation with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Learn more about this process in our blog.

Lucia, our female Grand Cayman blue iguana

Pairing Up Our Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas

We’ve completed our first set of introductions between our male and female Grand Cayman blue iguanas, Leonard and Lucia!  

Giraffe standing in a clump of trees.

Offering Our Animal Residents Meaningful Choice and Control

We believe meaningful choices and control is essential to our animal resident’s wellbeing. Learn more about how we provide this to them!

A sedated ring-tailed lemur receives gold bead acupuncture.

Providing Gold Bead Acupuncture to Aging Animals

Two of our older animal residents recently received gold bead implants, a permanent type of acupuncture, as our animal care team works to help them age comfortably with us.  

Illustrated rendering of inside of sea turtle care complex with glass viewing of patients and aquarium

Brevard Zoo Receives $5 Million Gift to Benefit Sea Turtles

This is an incredible moment for us! We are thrilled to announce that we received a transformative $5 million gift from the DSF Charitable Foundation that will play a pivotal role in funding the Sea Turtle Care Complex at the future Aquarium and Conservation Center in Port Canaveral. This generous donation means so much to us and to the work we do to save sea turtles!

Baird's tapir Antonio's new custom shoes

Antonio’s Custom Shoes

Six-year-old Baird’s tapir Antonio is back on the mend thanks to the watchful eye and hard work of our animal care staff.