Junk Mail

Did you know that each year millions of trees and billions of gallons of water are used to create junk mail, most of which never gets recycled? There are several things you can do to reduce how much junk mail you receive.

After using junk mail and any other paper you don't need to keep as scrap paper, recycle it.

Railroad Engineer

Become a Railroad Engineer!

The Zoo Railroad has a long history of community support. The task of the original refurbishing was donated by area car dealerships and body shops. The train tracks were donated and over 100 volunteers helped lay the track at the zoo.

As plans progressed for our newest exhibit - "Expedition Africa" volunteers took on the task of re-theming the train engine and cars and assisting with the job of rerouting the tracks...once again, the volunteer spirit made its mark on Brevard Zoo. Become a Brevard Zoo Railroad Engineer and help your Brevard Zoo GROW!!

Cost: $30

Sponsorship Packet includes:

  • Official Brevard Zoo "Railroad Engineer" certificate
  • Authentic sounding wooden train whistle
  • 2 individual tickets for the Brevard Zoo Train (a $6 value!!) 

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