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Hawksbill sea turtle Scooby

Name: Scooby

Species: Hawksbill

Date admitted: May 20, 2021

Stranding location: Sebastian Inlet Marina

Status: In treatment

Admission notes: This tiny post-hatchling hawksbill sea turtle was found floating in native Sargassum at a boat marina in the Indian River with heavy traffic. Sargassum is floating seaweed full of many marine species, which developing sea turtles use to grow. The piece of Sargassum that this tiny sea turtle was found on had split off from the drift community and was not supposed to end up at the marina, where the hawksbill was found. This sea turtle is a mystery… which is why we named them Scooby! Upon arrival, this patient measured to be approximately 8 cm from nose to tail, which is the size of a post-hatchling, meaning Scooby needs to return home to continue to grow and develop.



June 7, 2021: Scooby enjoyed some algae! Hawksbills naturally eat algae as well as some proteins. This sea turtle even likes veggies!

May 27, 2021: Scooby is enjoying the enrichment playground hiding around and under a floating hide. This is a technique that resembles a natural behavior, which helps protect Scooby from dangers in the wild.