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A juvenile green sea turtle

Name: Noggin

Species: Green

Date admitted: March 25, 2019

Stranding location: Vero Beach

Status: Deceased

Admission notes: This turtle came to the Healing Center on March 25 from Vero Beach. Noggin arrived with a boat strike to the carapace and head.



June 7, 2019: Last Tuesday, we made the hard decision to euthanize Noggin. During their two-month stay, this turtle never once ate on their own. Upon necropsy, there was a suspicion that the boat strike wound had altered the supportive tissue of the brain. Other abnormalities were found during an MRI and it was discovered that Noggin was a female.

May 24, 2019: Noggin has been with us almost two months now with no sign that they will eat on their own.

May 17, 2019: Noggin has no change in progress as they still will not eat, but this turtle really enjoys a good shell scratch!

May 9, 2019: Despite what this turtle is enduring, Noggin spends a lot of time swimming around the tank and scratching their shell. Noggin’s demeanor is that of a calm and comfortable turtle. We are still waiting for them to eat on their own and in the future, we plan to get an MRI of Noggin’s head.

April 24, 2019: This turtle came out for their monthly work-up this week. We are waiting for their bloodwork results to come back, but the wound on their head and carapace are healing very well. We are still having trouble getting this turtle to eat on their own, so we will be trying a more “hands-off” approach, where we will be gavage feeding less and less to encourage a hunger response. This method worked with Boxer and we are hoping the same will happen for Noggin. We feel comfortable using this method on Noggin due to their excellent body condition.

April 12, 2019: This turtle is still not interested in eating on their own, so we have begun placement feeding.

April 4, 2019: Noggin was taken in for a CT scan and confirmed the brain casing is intact, but the olfactory passages have been affected. This turtle is still pretty lethargic and has not eaten on their own yet.