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Louis a green sea turtle

Name: Louis

Species: Green

Date admitted: July 14, 2018

Stranding location: Trident Basin in Port Canaveral

Status: Released

Admission notes: Louis was found by UCF researchers emaciated and lethargic. The turtle had a previously healed injury to their front right flipper and a notch missing from their right side. Louis’ carapace and plastron were covered with algae.



November 29, 2018: We are happy to say that Louis has been released back into the Trident Basin in Port Canaveral! We are grateful to have been able to release them quickly back into their natural habitat.

November 15, 2018: Louis is still progressing and will have a final blood recheck next week before (hopefully!) being released. This is a Trident Basin turtle, so it is unlikely that the release will be public.

November 9, 2018: Louis has reached a medical milestone and is now off all medications!

November 5, 2018: Louis is doing well. We hope to have this turtle off medication next week.

October 29, 2018: Louis is still gaining weight and strength, and their blood work and rechecks look great. Once we get veterinary approval, this turtle will be off medications.

October 19, 2018: This turtle is continuing to gain strength and has almost doubled in weight since being admitted to the healing center in mid-July!

October 5, 2018: Louis is doing well and is no longer anemic! This turtle likes to rub against their PVC enrichment in the tank as they continue to heal.

September 15, 2018: Louis is healing well. On August 27, this turtle’s blood culture returned with no growth. The septic infection is clear! Louis continues to eat romaine lettuce and dandelion greens. For enrichment, Louis likes to tuck their body under the PVC to hide and rest. The turtle will have their monthly blood recheck this week.

August 25, 2018: Louis is doing great. No more tube-feeding. Louis eats plenty of romaine lettuce, dandelion greens and some macroalgae. We are waiting for the results of a third blood culture to be certain our treatments have cleared the blood infection.

August 10, 2018: Louis is doing better. They are eating almost an entire half-head of romaine twice a day! Blood culture recheck results are clear! We are now tube-feeding every other day. We are hoping that Louis will decide to eat protein or macroalgae on their own very soon.

July 30, 2018: Last week, Louis began eating dandelion greens and now devours romaine lettuce twice a day! We sent out more blood work for the lab to analyze and the results may help us tailor their treatment plan to fit specific needs. Right now, we also have to tube-feed Louis a special mixture to supplement nutrition until they feel well enough to eat more on their own!

July 23, 2018: Louis is doing alright; the turtle has an infection and a bone infection called osteomyelitis. We’re treating both and though we don’t know how long they have been sick, we know it will take them a while to recover. The turtle doesn’t want to eat, so we’re tube-feeding them. We put a “hide” toy in their tank and Louis likes to swim through it.



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