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Loggerhead sea turtle on table

Name: Harley

Species: Loggerhead

Date admitted: July 24, 2019

Stranding location: Jetty Park

Status: Released

Admission notes: This sub-adult loggerhead sea turtle was brought to us on July 24 from Jetty Park. Upon intake, this turtle was emaciated, anemic and had a heavy epibiota load.



December 20, 2019: Harley was released yesterday!

December 9, 2019: Harley was treated for parasites again. Our veterinary staff is hopeful that this treatment will knock out the turtle’s parasites.

December 2, 2019: Harley had another round of treatment for trematodes.

November 15, 2019: Harley is still waiting on clear fecal from trematodes.

November 7, 2019: Harley came back positive for a heavy load of trematodes in their fecals. We have treated this turtle once already with some success and began the second round of treatments today.

October 24, 2019: Harley came out for their monthly workup and looks fantastic! So much so that this turtle has been taken off of their medications and will be re-evaluated for release in a month.

October 17, 2019: Harley is still a ball of energy! This turtle is now eating 4% of their body weight in fish, squid, shrimp and clam per day!

October 7, 2019: Harley lost a little bit of weight, so we are monitoring that closely.

September 26, 2019: Harley came out for their monthly workup and we are seeing progress! This turtle’s PCV has jumped from 7% to 14% in a month!

September 12, 2019: Harley is doing awesome! This turtle has a new toy that is a big orange feeder ball; we give them food inside this toy, which they love chasing around the tank!

August 23, 2019: Harley came out for their monthly workup! So far, this turtle has gained over eight pounds and had a slight increase in their PCV (although not as much as we would have liked). We may be starting Harley on Epogen to help with their red blood cell production.

August 15, 2019: Harley was moved to a “big kid” tank this week and they are using every inch of it to stretch out. This turtle has made leaps and bounds since coming to us!

August 1, 2019: Harley is doing great! We got our first fecal from this turtle, so things are progressing. We found no parasites in the fecal sample.