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Juvenile green sea turtle

Name: Garbanzo

Species: Green

Date admitted: April 8, 2019

Stranding location: Jetty Park

Status: Deceased

Admission notes: This turtle arrived from Jetty Park appearing lethargic. After looking at Garbanzo’s radiographs, it became apparent that this turtle had some issues with their lungs. We recently took a culture and hope to have results back soon. Beyond the lung issue, this turtle eats algae and navigates their tank well.



July 15, 2019: We said goodbye to Garbanzo bean last week, as we opted for euthanasia for this turtle. Their blood values had dropped significantly and they continued to not eat on their own. Upon necropsy, numerous masses were found in the lungs.

July 5, 2019: This turtle came out for their monthly workup. Results show they have taken a further drop in blood values, which shows they are not responding to treatments.

June 21, 2019: Garbanzo is still not eating what is usually on the menu, but did start to eat Ulva, a type of green algae grown in the Zoo’s aquarium! We stopped daily tube feeding due to their improvement.

June 13, 2019: Garbanzo has not improved and continues to not eat, so we began to tube feed them daily with supplemental nutrition.

June 7, 2019: This turtle came out for their monthly workup this week. Unfortunately, Garbanzo is still losing weight, so we decided to put them back on fluids and vitamin B.

May 24, 2019: This turtle had a high white blood cell count at their last checkup. Garbanzo continues to be just a little slower in their day-to-day than we would like.

May 17, 2019: Garbanzo continues to eat their algae, but is very slow about it.

May 9, 2019: Garbanzo came out for a workup this week for the first time since intake and we have seen improvement in their lungs.

April 24, 2019: Nothing grew on the culture form this turtle’s lung. After the procedure, Garbanzo no longer has labored breathing. This turtle has a refined pallet and prefers to eat only algae.