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Juvenile green sea turtle

Name: Chunk

Species: Green

Date admitted: May 21, 2019

Stranding location: Sebastian Inlet

Status: Deceased

Admission notes: This juvenile green sea turtle was brought to the Healing Center on May 21 after being caught by UCF during a population sampling study at Sebastian Inlet. This turtle has FP and their rear flippers have been entangled in fishing line, which was cutting off circulation, mainly to the right flipper.



August 1, 2019: Chunk’s CT results confirmed growth of the masses seen in the lungs and more were growing as well. The hard decision was made to euthanize this turtle to prevent further suffering from this disease. A necropsy confirmed the masses in the lungs.

July 26, 2019: Chunk had their checkup CT scan on Wednesday to look at growths in their lungs. We are waiting for the results to see if the growths have increased from the CT taken a month ago.

July 18, 2019: What we thought was possibly more FP growing on this turtle’s skin turned out not to be. We will still plan on getting another CT scan at the end of the month to see if the lung nodules have grown.

July 15, 2019: Chunk continues to be stable, but we are finding multiple lesions appearing around the previous FP locations.

July 5, 2019: Due to Chunk’s inactivity, they were brought to have a CT scan taken. The scan revealed four very small growths on the lungs, which could possibly be internal FP or granulomas. Due to their small nature, we are going to perform another CT scan in a month to see if they have grown. If they grow, it is most likely FP and we will have to humanely euthanize Chunk in efforts to prevent them from suffering from this awful disease. Since their scan, however, this turtle has regained their energy and is even eating a good amount of green leaf lettuce!

June 21, 2019: Chunk is still receiving the topical medicine on their eye where the FP was removed. Unfortunately, they have stopped eating and are not as active, so we started them on fluids.

June 13, 2019: Chunk is doing great since their surgery and has lots of energy! They are receiving topical medicine on their eye where a small amount of FP was removed.

June 7, 2019: Chunk underwent successful FP removal surgery!