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Rocky Road a green sea turtle

Name: Rocky Road

Species: Green

Date admitted: July 15, 2018

Stranding location: Trident Basin in Port Canaveral

Status: Released

Admission notes: Rocky Road was found emaciated, lethargic and covered with algae by a group of researchers from UCF. They have a buoyancy issue and we also noticed an old, healed injury to their carapace and broken plastron bones on their right side.



October 19, 2018: After Rocky Road’s three-month rehabilitation, the turtle had a successful release earlier this month! Rocky Road made their debut back into the Trident Basin full of energy.

October 5, 2018: Rocky Road has been cleared for release! The turtle will return to the Trident Basin in Port Canaveral on October 5. This is a non-public release.

September 15, 2018: Rocky Road has been cleared of septic blood infection and was taken off all medication at the end of August. This turtle will have a blood recheck this week. We hope for an all-clear for release soon.

August 25, 2018: Rocky Road is progressing well. We are waiting results for heir third blood culture. Bloodwork is progressing in the right direction.

August 10, 2018: Rocky Road’s blood infection recheck revealed a different bacteria. We are waiting on further results to potentially change our current course of treatment. Nobody told this turtle that they have an infection. They eat, swim and poop as a little green sea turtle should!

July 30, 2018: We’re relieved to have caught Rocky’s blood infection early so the medication is helping them to recover. This turtle is very playful in their tank and swims underneath the waterfall constantly. They are also very itchy and scratches against the PVC toys in his tank.

July 23, 2018: Rocky Road has a blood infection but is responding well to medication. The buoyancy issue has resolved and they are content exploring their tank and the PVC enrichment toys. The turtle seems to be a picky eater—only eating the green parts of romaine lettuce and leaving behind the white middle.



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