Behind the Scenes

Name: Raggedy Ann

Species: Loggerhead

Date admitted: October 8, 2017

Stranding location: St. Lucie Power Plant

Status: Released

Admission notes: Raggedy Ann was found at the St. Lucie Power Plant and came to us with another loggerhead, Andy.



January 24, 2018: Raggedy Ann was released with Raggedy Andy on Wednesday, January 24!

January 7, 2018: Ann was moved out of the non-FP system and into our largest tank, which she is sharing with Raggedy Andy. Our amazing volunteer, Angela, designed and built a tank divider for the 20 ft wide x 6 ft deep tank. We are so grateful Angela was willing to help without hesitation and so quickly!

December 23, 2017: Talk about a hungry loggerhead! She loves to eat.

December 11, 2017: Ann had blood work done this week. She’s making really great progress here.

December 1, 2017: She is scheduled for a blood check on December 5!

November 16, 2017: Raggedy Ann is doing great. She and Andy would like to file a formal complaint that we don’t feed them enough. They are the hungriest loggerheads we have ever had!

November 11, 2017: She has gained 4.5 lbs in her first month with us! Raggedy Ann is very active and loves her food. Her red blood cell count is still a little low, but this is expected with a debilitated loggerhead. We’re happy with her progress!

October 28, 2017: This big girl is doing great! She is eating well and loves her new feeding enrichment toy!

October 14, 2017: Raggedy Ann was originally captured at the power plant on Sunday, September 27, 2017. She was tagged and released at the time, but was found again at the same power plant on October 8 and had lost a significant amount of weight. Marine biologists at the power plant decided she needed to come to rehab. Ann is doing well with us so far; she is eating well and does not have any buoyancy issues. She’s started passing fecal, which means we can increase her diet since we know her digestive tract is functioning. It also means we can see what she has been eating—crab shells (what she should be eating) and plastic pieces (definitely not what she should be eating).



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