Behind the Scenes


Name: Raggedy Andy

Species: Loggerhead

Date admitted: October 8, 2017

Stranding location: St. Lucie Power Plant

Status: Released

Admission notes: Raggedy Andy came to us from the St. Lucie Power Plant with another loggerhead, Raggedy Ann.



January 24: Raggedy Andy was released with Raggedy Ann on Wednesday, January 24!

January 7, 2018: Andy was moved out of the non-FP system and into our largest tank, which he is sharing with Raggedy Ann. Our amazing volunteer, Angela, designed and built a tank divider for the 20 ft wide x 6 ft deep tank. We are so grateful Angela was willing to help without hesitation and so quickly!

December 23, 2017: What a hungry loggerhead! We still haven’t received results from his gender ID test.

December 11, 2017: Andy had blood work done this week and is making great progress! We took a blood sample to send for gender ID.

December 1, 2017: He has blood work scheduled for December 5, but is doing great!

November 16, 2017: Raggedy Andy is doing great. He and Ann would like to file a formal complaint that we don’t feed them enough. They are the hungriest loggerheads we have ever had!

November 11, 2017: What an appetite! Andy gained 14.7 lbs in his first month with us. He has definitely learned how to be a loggerhead and bites at anything that comes near his tank. His red blood cell count is a little low, but we are very happy with his progress.

October 28, 2017: Raggedy Andy is doing very well; he’s extremely active and has a great appetite! CT scans showed there is a curvature of his spinal column, probably caused by an injury and, as a result, does not have full use of his rear flippers. We are submitting a blood sample for gender identification and if he is male, there is no concern with releasing him despite his limited use of rear flippers. If he is a she, we will have to coordinate with FWC because limited use of rear flippers may cause issues for nesting turtles.

October 14, 2017: Raggedy Andy is a power plant recapture. He was first found back in July 2007, when he was a happy, health 55 cm. loggerhead, so he was promptly tagged and released. He was then found in January 2017 with an old, completely healed injury on his carapace (suspected boat strike), but since the injury was healed, he was released. On Sunday, October 8, he was found again at the power plant covered in barnacles and algae and was extremely lethargic. He is now 63 cm., meaning he only grew 8 cm. in three years! That’s extremely abnormal. We took Andy for a CT scan and are waiting for the report from the radiologist. It does appear that he has some spinal deformation and bone density issues.



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