Behind the Scenes

Name: Eugene

Species: Green

Date admitted: November 26, 2017

Stranding location: Rotary Park

Status: In treatment

Admission notes: Eugene was found at Rotary Park off of US1 in Melbourne on November 25 and was brought to us the next day. He had spent the night outside, so upon arrival, his body temperature was very low.



January 13, 2018: Eugene is doing well. He is starting to gain a little weight! He eats very well and loves his lettuce.

January 7, 2018: Eugene had his follow-up CT scan and it seems the abnormalities are not concerning. Unfortunately, he is not gaining weight like he should be, especially since he eats well. He is also still floating at the surface of the water throughout the day.

December 23, 2017: He is still holding his own. He’s been spending most of his time floating or swimming around the surface of the water, which is not a good sign. We are taking him for a follow-up CT scan next week to see if the abnormalities in his lungs have changed. He continues to eat well, but we have started finding fishing line in his fecal. Though he was found with fishing line wrapped around his FP tumors, we were unaware he had ingested any.

December 11, 2017: Eugene is doing okay. He is eating well and passing fecal regularly with no sign of parasites. Unfortunately, he has recently developed some buoyancy issues. The first CT scan revealed some irregularities on his lungs. We are going to do another CT scan in a few days to see if anything has changed.

December 1, 2017: Eugene’s body temperature was extremely low when he arrived. If warmed too quickly, sea turtles can go into shock. We kept Eugene out of water and raised his body temperature slowly before putting him in water. He has severe FP and will require quite a few surgeries once he is healthy enough. He is eating, which is a good sign, and we did not find any parasites in his first fecal sample.



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