By reusing many of the products already created--such as aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic--we can reduce energy consumption.

The energy saved each year by steel recycling is equal to the electrical power used by 18 million homes each year--or enough energy to last Los Angeles residents for 8 years. Source, Steel Recycling Institute.

Community Workshops

PNC Brings the Zoo to You!
PNC Bank brings the Brevard Zoo to local branches for children’s workshops

PNC Bank is hosting PNC Brings the Zoo to You! community workshops throughout the area. At these workshops, Brevard Zoo staff will introduce children to African animals found in the same habitat as meerkats such as an African grey parrot, a Kenyan sand boa, a Pancake tortoise and a Sudan plated lizard. There also are meerkat puppets children can make, along with music, food and games provided by PNC Bank.

The campaign to bring meerkats to Brevard Zoo was launched in February with a gift of $162,500 by PNC Bank. The remaining funds to cover the cost of the exhibit have been raised through corporate and private donations. To find out how you can support the Meerkats as they adjust to their new home, please contact the Zoo Development Department at 321.254.9453 ext. 234.

As part of the campaign, PNC Bank is hosting Saturday morning workshops entitled PNC Brings the Zoo to You!  at local bank branches to serve as a preview to the exhibit and introduce children to small African animals. These periodic morning workshops provide families with an opportunity to create meerkat puppets, learn more about amazing African animals and establish a relationship with wildlife and nature.

Upcoming PNC Brings the Zoo to You! workshops

Saturday, Dec. 13, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CANCELLED
Rockledge Branch
630 Barnes Blvd.

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