By reusing many of the products already created--such as aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic--we can reduce energy consumption.

The U.S. is 5% of the world's population, but uses 25% of its natural resources. Source, Environmental Protection Agency.

How You Can Help

With the help from our community, we were able to raise the $360,000 required to build the new Meerkat Exhibit. These precious, precocious and entertaining mammals represent a thoroughly different kind of resident than we currently house at the Zoo. Meerkats are highly social animals in which both males and females pitch in to help educate their young in hunting and survival techniques. Distinguished by their communal nature and extended family living arrangments, Meerkats live in multigenerational groups with an alpha male and female. They actively forage during the day while assigning one or more sentinels to remain on the lookout for predators. Their energetic, amusing and charismatic behaviors will be visible for all to see in their new home.

Making the exhibit even more exciting, the meerkats were joined in their new habitat by a Dik-Dik, Nelson, another new member to Brevard Zoo’s animal collection. These are adorable tiny antelope with a very unique nose that guest will not soon forget.

Our African expansion also includes a brand new and exciting African Rock Python exhibit. Always popular with our guests, the pythons’ new habitat provides upclose and intimate viewing of these impressive snakes.

If you would like to contribute to Meerkat Hamlet or help care for and feed our new residence, click on the link below or call 321.254.9453 ext. 234.

   Meerkat Fund

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