Water Conservation

The availability of clean water is one of the central issues of our time, and we all need to do our part to use this resource wisely. Saving water is simple!

Turn the water off while brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and washing dishes.

Exhibit Update

This exhibit, situated at the entry to the Expedition Africa loop, will house a multigenerational extended family of meerkats, allowing for both interactive and learning experiences. It will be long and linear, extending approximately 50 feet in length, and incorporate multiple viewing areas from which guests can experience the entire meerkat and dik-dik habitat, as well as the new African Rock Python home. A highlight of the exhibit is an interactive termite mound where children can crawl inside to get an “up close and personal” view of the meerkats traversing through the tunnels in their natural habitat. The exhibit will also feature a Nyami Nyami River Lodge overlook, beautiful rock formations, strategically located benches and new boardwalks with prime viewing vantage points. This is all part of this new and impressive African expansion.

Meerkat Fund

Donate to support our new meerkat exhibit by clicking here.

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