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Green sea turtle King Kamehameha

Name: King Kamehameha

Species: Green

Date admitted: June 11, 2020

Stranding location: Cape Canaveral

Status: Released

Admission notes: King Kamehameha is a juvenile green sea turtle who was brought to us on June 11 after being found on the Atlantic side of Cape Canaveral. Upon arrival, this turtle was lethargic, thin and had small barnacles all over their body. This turtle’s arrival date was King Kamehameha Day, hence the name. King Kamehameha was the first king of the Hawaiian Islands, making this a powerful name for a sea turtle!



July 29, 2020: Due to King Kamehameha’s excellent rehabilitation, they were released with Cookie, Turtilla and Samantha on July 22! Good luck, King!

July 13, 2020: King Kamehameha has been excellent in their rehabilitation journey. This turtle never skipped a beat and has been eating and active since day one. King’s bloodwork looks great and they were taken off their medications. Hopefully, this turtle will be on their way home in the upcoming weeks!

June 22, 2020: Shortly after arrival, King Kamehameha began eating and passing fecal!