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Green sea turtle Islander

The Sea Turtle Healing Center cares for sick or injured sea turtles found primarily along the nearby Florida coast. While this facility is not open to the public, the effects of its work impact local sea turtle populations. An in-county facility means a shorter drive for patients, resulting in less stress and quicker treatment for distressed turtles.

Name: Islander

Species: Green

Date admitted: February 21, 2022

Stranding location: Lazy Turtle Restaurant, Palm Bay

Status: In treatment

Admission notes: This larger juvenile green sea turtle stranded in Palm Bay on February 21. Upon intake, Islander presented lethargic; heavily covered in algae, mud and isopods; and with a large FP load. Fortunately, this sea turtle has a decent body condition and their preliminary bloodwork was not overly concerning (they are just a little anemic). This patient was brought to Rockledge Regional Medical Center for a CT scan the day after intake, which uncovered a small area in the right lung that is concerning, but we will monitor monthly for any changes. Islander also has a large amount of gas in their GI that is leaving them buoyant, but they have already shown interest in food, so we are hopeful that things will start moving along quickly.



March 24, 2022: Islander is doing great! Their CT scan showed no signs of internal FP, but there was an area in the lungs that looked like pneumonia. The systemic broad-spectrum antibiotics this sea turtle is on should be able to help pneumonia. They are eating well and love the early morning sun that hits their pool. We are hopeful that Islander will be in better health soon so they can undergo surgery.

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