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Green sea turtle George

The Sea Turtle Healing Center cares for sick or injured sea turtles found primarily along the nearby Florida coast. While this facility is not open to the public, the effects of its work impact local sea turtle populations. An in-county facility means a shorter drive for patients, resulting in less stress and quicker treatment for distressed turtles.

Name: George

Species: Green

Date admitted: February 19, 2022

Stranding location: Jetty Park

Status: Transferred

Admission notes: This juvenile green sea turtle stranded at Jetty Park on February 19. Upon intake, they were covered in barnacles, thin and lethargic. The large load of barnacles caused inflammation of the carapace, which we are treating with laser therapy and honey. George has not yet started to eat on their own.



March 24, 2022: George was transferred to The Florida Aquarium.

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