Brevard Zoo's Mission

"Wildlife Conservation Through Education and Participation"


For children ages 5 to 12

Jr. Zoo Crew offers a unique opportunity for homeschool students to explore interesting and current topics in science and conservation. Each module is themed and classes are held from 2 to 4 PM.  Ages 9 to 12 is drop-off and ages 5 to 8 is optional drop-off. Monday classes are held simultaneous and are separated by age.  A minimum enrollment of 10 paying participants is required to run. Click HERE for a flyer. See our Educator or Family Workshops for more fun! 

Cost per student: $15 Member, $20 Non‐members.
(Pricing valid to December 31, 2017)

Registration opens July 1, 2017

September – Sea Turtle Conservation
October – Out of Africa
November – Lands of Change
December – Dinosaurs in December
January – Bobcats, Alligators and Coyotes….Oh My!
February – Built to Survive
March – Microscopic March
April – Seeds, Scat and Habitat

  • IRL Homeschool Day!

    Pictures from our Spring Lagoon Day where we participated in scientific discovery and a whole lot of fun! We participated in a day of seining, hands-on research, and conservation activities!

  • Bobcats, Alligators and Coyotes...Oh My!


    Learn how to live peacefully with local wildlife as we study the animals in our own backyards through hands-on activities and encounters.

  • Sea Turtle Conservation

    September, Ages 9 to 12

    Discover the beauty, history and struggles of sea turtles. Explore how the Zoo rehabilitates these incredible animals with a tour of the Sea Turtle Healing Center and learn what you can do to help them survive.

  • Out of Africa

    October, Ages 5 to 8

    Take a journey to Africa! Meet its animal ambassadors and learn about their habitats and adaptations.

  • Seeds, Scat and Habitat


    In habitats across the world, animals are dispersing seeds. While hiking through the Zoo, identify and learn about seeds, how they travel and their connection with animals. Make wildflower seed bombs to take home and plant in your backyard!

  • Lands of Change


    How are animals in Australia adapting to our changing world? Find out as we venture to the Land Down Under!

  • Built to Survive

    February, Ages 9 to 12

    Focusing on a specific animal, we will take a closer look at how animals survive and adapt to their surroundings. Learn more about Zookeeping careers as we design and build animal enrichment.

  • Microscopic March


    In this microscopic lesson, we will begin with dip netting, collecting and identifying aquatic animals and peek into the world of microscopic organisms. Students will learn how to use a microscope and try their hand at identification.

  • Dinosaurs


    Come discover the world of dinosaurs, the science behind real-life discoveries and learn more about these ancient creatures. You will become the scientist and discover a few fossils along with the latest dinosaur facts.

  • Sea Turtle Conservation

    September, Ages 5 to 8

    Discover the beauty, history and struggles of sea turtles. Learn how the Zoo rehabilitates these incredible animals and what you can do to help them survive.

  • Out of Africa

    October, Ages 9 to 12

    This session will take you kayaking past a bevy of African animals. We will discuss habitats and adaptations as well as the conservation efforts being made to save them in the wild.

  • Built to Survive

    February, Ages 5 to 8

    How do animals survive? Using both readings and outdoor exploration we will discover adaptations that protect them, allow them to stay warm, and more.

  • Tuesday, August 15

    Fall Homeschool Preview Day

    10 to 11 AM or 2 to 3 PM. Bring your family to this free event to learn more about our homeschool programs, enjoy animal encounters and bake a snack in a solar oven. Does not include Zoo Admission and is intended as a preview day for those registered in our programs! Space is limited and registration required.

Educator Workshops

Fall Dates coming soon!


For children ages 2 to 4 (with Adult Educator)

Brevard Zoo’s Zooper Kids provide enriching opportunities for children ages 2 to 4 to experience nature in a safe, healthy and happy environment. Our goal is to nurture the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of each child within a respectful, creative and caring atmosphere. Your toddler will delight in teaching you to get dirty while experiencing nature through crafts, activities, play centers, animal visitors and guided Zoo excursions. We offer classes on Saturdays as well as during the week. For more information please visit the Zooper Kids web page at


We reserve the right to combine or cancel education programs due
to certain circumstances. If this occurs participants will be notified.

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