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Green sea turtle Eddie

Name: Eddie

Species: Green

Date admitted: October 6, 2020

Stranding location: Port Canaveral

Status: In treatment

Admission notes: This larger juvenile green sea turtle came to us from Port Canaveral on October 6. Eddie has a medium load of FP tumors in the axial and inguinal regions and eyes, as well as one large tumor on the plastron. This turtle is healing from an older boat strike wound on their carapace, which also damaged their femur, tibia and fibula of the rear right flipper. The damaged bones have since started to be absorbed by the body, leaving little of these bones left in the limb. Eddie has partial paralysis of this flipper as well and, due to the boat strike, is also experiencing buoyancy. Named for the late Eddie Van Halen, this turtle received their first CT scan on October 8.