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Blue Life Education

Understanding how to prevent pollution is an ongoing effort, and what better way to instill stewardship and teach BLUE LIFE styles than in the classrooms of our young people? After all, these young people are our future and good habits can never be adopted too early.

In-classroom programs are available, and in most cases free of charge. Programs can be delivered to groups of any size. Materials are provided and supervision is required. Please review the list below to determine the best fit for your group and contact us today to schedule a program in your school or childcare facility.


Storm water Story Time Series “The Pledge”
Participants will engage with a colorful and informative book written by Lisa Good and illustrated by Molly K. Wilson. Through the story, young students will learn how the little girls discover the resting place of ground debris. Participants will take the BLUE LIFE pledge to live a BLUE LIFE styles.


Change to BLUE
Participants will be captivated listening and participating in the living story of Billy and his family as they go through routine tasks of everyday life and unknowingly create storm water pollution. Participants will partake in follow up activity appropriate for their age.


Pick Up Da Pieces
This hands on science lab dissects “dog waste” so students can discover for themselves the pathogens that lurk within pet poop. Participants will then engage in a fun game to practice what they learned.


Car Wash Conundrum
Participants will “cruise” around town in a new set of wheels collecting common, everyday pollutants.  When the day is done, and a car wash is in order, which will be chosen, the roadside fundraiser OR the commercial version?  Our followup activity demonstrates which is best for the environment and why.


The Ripple Effect
Custom made presentations can be provided and are encouraged. BLUE LIFE is happy to provide programs to student groups, adult living communities, senior centers, Rotary clubs and other community organizations in Brevard.

To find out what schools, centers or organizations are hosting BLUE LIFE educational events, please contact us for a listing.

The BLUE LIFE Organization is available to assist you in any way we can.  We are in your community and here to help.  We are available to attend special events, home owner association meetings, civic organizations, school functions, environmental fairs and more. For questions, comments  or bookings don’t hesitate to contact us.


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