Global Warming

Global warming is real and a threat to the world's animal population. The year 2004 was the fourth hottest on record, extending a trend since 1990. If we continue to emit greenhouse gases at our current pace, our earth's temperature is projected to skyrocket by as much as 10ยบ F in the next 100 years.

Use compact fluorescent lights rather than incandescent. They cost more but save you money down the road and conserve energy.

Conservation Matters


"Wildlife Conservation Through Education and Participation"'s more than a slogan at Brevard Zoo!



Our keepers with puppets from environmental education suitcase they purchased for Congo Project.

We actively support local and international wildlife conservation projects. Since 2001, we have awarded more than $500,000 in grants to conservation projects around the world. Thanks to our Quarters for Conservation program and YOU! - 25 cents from every Zoo admission goes to support these vital programs. As visitors to the Zoo, we encourage you to vote on the projects that interest you most. To learn more about Quarters for Conservation, CLICK HERE


In 2014, Quarters for Conservation funded the following projects:

  • Little Fireface Slow Loris project - $4,004
  • Florida Scrub-jay conservation - $4,312
  • Giraffe Conservation Fund - $7,084
  • The Local Ocean Trust: Watamu Turtle Watch - $7,176
  • Florida East Coast Diamondback Terrapin - $3,174
  • International Iguana Foundation: Roatán Spiny-tailed Iguanas - $3,500
  • Northern Jaguar Project - $4,531
  • Andean Cat Alliance - $3,635
  • Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative and Giant Armadillo Project - $2,633


Would you like to learn more about a Brevard Zoo conservation project? Have the Zoo come to you!

CLICK HERE to download a guest speaker application.

Please note, Brevard Zoo is able to provide a limited number of off-site presentations. Only applications that demonstrate a strong match in curriculum, goals or mission will be considered.

If you are interested in one of Brevard Zoo’s Education programs including program animal presentations, please contact the Brevard Zoo Education Registrar at 321.254.9453 x219.


Join us in supporting the companies who are members of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), helping to make a difference for wild Orangutans. Click Here for the newest Palm Oil Shopping Guide.

Tell us, do you live the Blue Life?

BLUE LIFE is a cooperative partnership among non-profit organizations, local governments, businesses, educational institutions and residents that are determined to reduce the pollutant load to our nationally acclaimed bodies of water including the Indian River Lagoon, St. Johns River and the many tributaries that flow to them.

BLUE LIFE believes that if community residents are aware of the common, every day pollutants that enter into the lagoon and the effects those contaminants have on the lagoon system, all area residents will willingly choose to adopt savvy, personal stewardship practices known as “BLUE LIFEstyles.”

Here’s a simple action you can take to help the Indian River Lagoon and live the BLUE LIFE! Be sure to follow the new summer fertilizing rules in Brevard County. Not sure of the rules, visit

To find out how you can live the BLUE LIFE and get started today, visit the various topic areas of the BLUE LIFE website at to see for yourself how you can save time, money and the environment.

We are proud partners of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program.

This program empowers consumers and businesses to make choices for healthy oceans, helping support diverse marine ecosystems for the future. Using science-based, peer reviewed methods, Seafood Watch® assesses how fisheries and farmed seafood impact the environment and provides recommendations indicating which items are ‘Best Choices,’ ‘Good Alternatives,’ and which ones to ‘Avoid.’

For more information, visit

Seafood Watch® is a registered service mark of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation.

Courtesy, Seafood Watch program © 2014, Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation



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