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Sea turtle Cheddar

Name: Cheddar

Species: Green

Date admitted: January 20, 2020

Stranding location: Patrick Air Force Base

Status: Released

Admission notes: This juvenile green sea turtle came to us from Patrick Air Force Base on January 20. This turtle was lethargic and presented with fishing line around their neck and both front flippers. Cheddar also had a deep hole in their front left flipper from what we assume was caused by a fishing hook. None of the ligature marks were deep enough for major concern. This turtle is already eating like a champ and is currently sharing a divided tank with Jetty.



March 30, 2020: Cheddar was released the week of March 16 along with Jetty, Molly and Herbie!

March 12, 2020: Cheddar is a goofy little thing! This turtle loves spending time watching the other turtles in their tank and also watching Melo through the window in the pool (their windows face each other). Cheddar continues to be a great eater and is coming up on the last leg of their stay with us!