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An Update: Caring for Florida Black Bear Cubs

We’re so excited to provide an update on this cub who spent two weeks with us in August receiving medical and nutritional care: She’ll be heading back to her natural range this December! 

A green sea turtle patient

Caring for Gorp the Green Sea Turtle

Our Sea Turtle Healing Center team is calling our newer juvenile green sea turtle patient, Gorp, one of the most resilient turtles they’ve ever met – read on to learn why! 

Check Out Our New Living Plant Wall

A new living plant wall has been placed on the side of our Cones eatery just outside of our Paws On loop! What you may not realize just looking at it: It features all Florida native plants! 

Signs and art displays on a fence encouraging viewers to move and touch.

Discover Our New Sensory Pathway

A sensory pathway is a tool that incorporates different sensory components, such as touch and movement. Ours encourages visitors to jump and wiggle, and even boasts some pretty cool stingray facts. Complete with ridged seashells, smooth tiles and bumpy stones, anyone can satisfy their tactile desires at this station.  

Remembering Gomez

We are so saddened to share that our 30-year-old male wrinkled hornbill Gomez unexpectedly passed away recently.   

Kirby the Reeve's muntjac

Meet the Animal: Reeve’s Muntjacs

The next time you see a flash of brown run past you on the sandy trail, we can assure you it wasn’t your imagination. It’s likely one of our two Reeve’s muntjacs, Harriet or Kirby! With their shy personalities and slight stature, they often go unnoticed by the average zoo-goer.  

Releasing Zoo Base the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

It’s finally time to say “see you later” to Zoo Base, the loggerhead sea turtle who has been a patient at our Sea Turtle Healing Center for 15 months!  

Inspiring Future Educators

One of Brevard Zoo’s education specialists, Alec Walsh, is a former student of our own Zoo School! He was inspired to join a career in education by his experience.