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Monitoring Floyd’s Health

Veterinarians and keepers are helping Floyd battle an unusual illness.

Bob release

Tiny Tim and Bob Go Home

A pair of juvenile green sea turtles was released on Friday after successful rehabilitation stints at the Zoo.

Morticia and Gomez

Morticia and Gomez: 28 Years Strong

This wrinkled hornbill pair’s relationship has stood the test of time.

Training Tails: Patience, Progress and Pigeons

Our Victoria crowned pigeons are learning how to participate in their own health care.

Green sea turtle Coco

Meet the Patients: Coco

Green sea turtle Cholula

Meet the Patients: Cholula

Green sea turtle Tapatio

Meet the Patients: Tapatio

Keeper Nicole with stingray

Enhancing Animal Wellness Through Professional Development

Four of our staff members recently completed a professional development program and are ready to welcome a new class of up-and-coming senior keepers!