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Changes to our Meerkat Mob

We’re saying ‘so long’ to some of our meerkats over the next few months as they leave for new homes and we prepare for baby meerkats.

Carletta the alpaca stands in the Barnyard

Remembering Carletta

We recently said goodbye to Carletta the alpaca, one of the longtime residents of our Barnyard area. She will be missed.

Florida grasshopper sparrow release

Releasing Grasshopper Sparrows

Five juvenile Florida grasshopper sparrows were sent into their natural range on June 22, contributing to the population of this critically endangered species.

Turtle Tech drone

In the Field: Turtle Tech

A group recently gathered in Melbourne Beach to test out special technology being developed through our Turtle Tech initiative.

A crocodile in the water

Keeping Our Animal Residents Safe During a Hurricane

Everyone in Brevard County, from residents to our Zoo staff, needs to be prepared for the possibility of a hurricane by the start of hurricane season! Read on to learn what we do to prepare before, during and after the storm.  

Perdido Key beach mice habitats

New Digs for our Beach Mice

Our Perdido Key beach mice moved into a new home and welcomed some additional roommates! We closed their breeding season with 20 pups!

A woman holds a green sea turtle

Wishing Reptar the Green Sea Turtle Well

We wished juvenile green sea turtle Reptar well as we sent him back to the ocean on World Sea Turtle Day, June 16, 2022! 

A woman holds a sea turtle

Sending Venus the Green Sea Turtle Home

After nearly two years of care from our Sea Turtle Healing Center, green sea turtle Venus went home to the ocean on World Sea Turtle Day!