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A Bittersweet Announcement

A male giraffe was born at the Zoo on September 27.

Octopus on white background

The Aquarium Project: World Octopus Day

Today is World Octopus Day. These invertebrates are even more interesting than they look!

Juvenile green sea turtle on a towel

Meet the Patients: Hope

Close up of juvenile green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Scatman John

Remembering T-Bone

Late last week, beloved Masai giraffe T-Bone succumbed to an infection.

Girl and fish

The Aquarium Project: Designing a Space for All

Last week, we met with specialized groups to ensure the aquarium and conservation center will serve our community effectively and tell the right stories.


“Meet” Our Fall 2019 Quarters for Conservation Projects

Our leaves may not change in the fall, but our Quarters for Conservation projects do! For the next three months, cast your vote for reconnecting elephants and giraffe, protecting okapis’ homes or increasing the population of black rhinos.

A dozen small sea turtles

Taking in Tiny Turtles

Nearly 40 baby sea turtles have come into our care after being washed back from the ocean.