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Loggerhead sea turtle Perseverance

Meet the Patients: Perseverance

Rescuing Perseverance

A giant female loggerhead sea turtle was taken to our Healing Center after repeatedly being found struggling to nest.

Post-Isaias Sea Turtle Hatchlings Arrive

Forty-two sea turtle hatchlings are being cared for at our Sea Turtle Healing Center. However, they don’t all need to be here.

Green sea turtle Bob'n'Doug

Meet the Patients: Bob’n’Doug

Venus the green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Venus

hatchling stock image

Isaias and Sea Turtles

Here’s what to do if you encounter a sea turtle in need of help.

How You Can Help the Zoo

Here are seven ways to make a difference.

Inside Brody’s Surgery

Last week, Brody became the first-ever bear to undergo this corrective surgery.